Short essay. 400-500 words. YOUR OPINION.
Personal selling assumes many forms based on the amount of selling done and the amount of creativity required to perform the sales task. Broadly speaking, three types of personal selling exist:

  1. Order taking
  2. Order getting
  3. Customer sales support activities

Whereas some firms use only one of these types of personal selling, others use a combination of all three. Please go to: and type in the word “sales”. View the results.

Write a 1-page summary describing your findings: Include one job that fits the description for each “type of sales job” listed below.

  1. Order taker sales people-process as routine orders or re-orders, for products that were already sold by the company. The primary responsibility of order takers is to preserve an ongoing relationship with existing customers and maintain sales.
  2. Order getting sales people-an order sells in a conventional sense and identifies prospective customers, provide customers with information, persuade customers to buy closest sales, and follows up with customer’s use of products and services.
  3. Customer Sales Support-customer sales support personnel augment the selling effort of order getters by performing a variety of services. For example, missionary salespeople do not directly solicit orders but rather concentrate on performing promotional activities and introducing new products. The pharmaceutical industry encourages physicians to prescribe to firms products.

If you were to choose a “sales job” which one would appeal to you and why?

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