1: Specific leader traits are more likely to be correlated with _____ ______ than with ______ _______.

A: transformational leadership, transactional leadership

B: transactional leadership, transformational leadership

C: leadership emergence; leadership effectiveness

D: leadership effectiveness; leadership emergence

2: Organizational Politics are

A: are required for an organization to be successful.

B: are particular common when resource are unlimited.

C: all uses of power.

D:actions by individuals that are directed towards the goal of furthering their own self-interests are detrimental to the well-being of all employees.

3: Which of the following companies is likely to see the most political behavior?

A: Company D, that is going through a lot of change and must drastically reduce expenses.

B: Company A, that is a tech start-up, which just received a generous infusion of capital from a hedge fund.

C: Company B, that is in a recession-proof industry and likes to pay all employees that same salary based on their seniority.

D: Company C, whose sales revenue increased substantially last quarter and will be giving its employees bonuses.

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