About tesla please!!! Component 1: Individual Business Report and a Business Model Canvas (75% of the overall grade) – 2500 words (+/-10%) 1. You are to produce a Business Model Canvas about one of the following companies: Apple, Samsung, Tesla, Uber, Netflix, Dyson, Havaianas, BMW or Mercedes Benz. The Business Model Canvas has nine areas for consideration. Please use the Business Model Canvas template, provided on the Moodle site. (1-mark x 9 sections = 9 marks) 2. You are required to describe and discuss in the Business Report the sections of the Business Model Canvas undertaking thorough research into all aspects of the business. Please enhance your reports by reading academic books and journals. The Business Report should be divided into the following nine sections of the Business Model Canvas: (5 marks x 9 sections = 45 marks) 1. Customer Segments (5 marks) 2. Customer relationship (5 marks) 3. Distribution channels (5 marks) 4. Unique value proposition (5 marks) 5. Key activities (5 marks) 6. Key resources (5 marks) 7. Key partners (5 marks) 8. Cost structure (5 marks) 9. Revenue stream (5 marks) At the end of the Business Report, please explain briefly the following three points about the company you chose: 10. The legal structure. Please discuss the advantages and risks of the company’s structure (6 marks) 11. The company’s Intellectual Property (IP) and the risks associated if IP is not protected. Please identify three IPs (6 marks) 12. The accounting book/record keeping legal requirements for the company. Please identify three record/book keeping requirements
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