16 Each organization will have _____ function. It is processes that are involved in creating, communication and delivering value to customers. It is also done to manage customer relationship which will ultimately benefit the organization. _____

Select one:

a. marketing.

b. distribution.

c. production.

d. dispersion.

e. the chain of command.

21. Kenneth works in H&M, a clothing retail company selling clothes for men, women, teenagers, and children. Kenneth noticed that H&M has too many different prices for all its clothes. The customers seem confused and it makes it hard for them to decide. Kenneth suggested to her manager that H&M should use ______

Select one:

a. Geographic pricing

b. Price lining

c. Captive pricing

d. Odd pricing

e. Multiple-unit pricing

22. Markets can be classified into two main categories which are _____

Select one:

a. producer or consumer.

b. consumer or business-to-business.

c. reseller or consumer.

d. governmental or institutional.

e. institutional or reseller.

26. Over the years, Apple has been selling Ipad and IMac to hospitals, clinics and universities. Apple has been targeting the ______ market. _____

Select one:

a. reseller

b. consumer

c. governmental

d. producer

e. institutional


Performance appraisal are normally done on a yearly basis. Which of the following is not the main purpose of conducting a performance appraisal?

Select one:

a. It helps the organization monitor its employee selection, training, and development activities.

b. It provides an effective basis for distributing rewards.

c. It allows the employee to see where he or she ranks against all the other employees in the company.

d. It lets workers know how well they are doing.

e. It lets workers know how they can do better in the future.


Peter Parker went to the Daily Bugle to apply for a job as a reporter there. When he asked about the job scope, duties and working conditions, he was given a document which clearly stated all the info needed. Peter Parker just received a job ___________.

Select one:

a. specification.

b. inventory.

c. orientation.

d. analysis.

e. description.


Put simply, how do we determine whether a product that we purchase can be categorized as consumer product or a business product?

Select one:

a. Use of the product

b. Whether it is purchased for cash or credit

c. Basic function the product provides

d. Need satisfied

e. Quantity purchased

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