Jill Walker and her husband Antony Walker (the Walkers) had been living in Malaysia for over ten years. At the start of the year Jill received a letter from her 85-year-old brother Jacob inviting them to leave Malaysia and live with him in Perth. Jacob promised the Walkers that they could live rent-free in his six- bedroom mansion and that he would leave all his property to them in his will. The Walkers took some time to discuss the invite and soon after agreed to accept Jacob’s request.The Walkers sold their home in Malaysia, Jill also had to resign from her job as a bank manager and they moved to Perth. After about six months of living in Jacob’s mansion, a major quarrel occurred between the Walkers and Jacob. Jacob decided to evict the Walkers from his house. He also informed them that he had changed his will to exclude them from receiving any of his property. The Walkers are upset with Jacob’s actions and want to hold him accountable to his original promise. They are unsure whether they can take any action against Jacob and come to you to seek your help. Advise the Walkers on any legal action they can take against Jacob?
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