Conducing a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) study a product that you choose from automotive industry

Assignment Instructions – Conduct a FMEA for any part of a car

1.Conduct a FMEA of an automotive product that you choose. Use the provided PFMEA template

2.Identify up to 5 process steps/functions for the process of the part/component you selected

3.Identify and describe the potential failure modes, effects and causes for these steps/functions based on your experience/research.

4.Determine the Severity, Occurrence and Detection ratings based on your experience/research of the process and the ranking method/scale that you determine.

5.Calculate the RPN accordingly, prioritize and record the recommended action in the PFMEA template accordingly

Assignment Report Instructions:

1) Introduction (Showing the purpose of the FMEA and 5 processes)

2) FMEA study results (Showing the final FMEA template and all the steps / data/ ranking procedure, RPN calculations for conducting the FMEA study

3) Conclusion.

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