PRODUCT: Candle that stops burning/ blows out by itself by closing an automatic timer lid on it

NOTES: This candleholder was created to keep your mind at ease if you forget to blow your candles out The candle will be closed at the end of the desired time increment. Advertising through various channels such as in magazines, posters near candle aisle in stores, Facebook ads, Tv ads. Sales promotion -Incentivize a sales promotion to get 2 of them for the price of 70.00 when they originally cost 39.99 each; also for a limited time offer maybe do buy one get one free or even discounting original just one candle to 30.00. Mass media promotion-Would primarily consist of advertising through social media and television as we believe those outlets allow for the best exposure and easy communication of the product and interest in it. Public Relations-Create a positive brand image by sharing information about the product and its benefits.

1. Explain in detail your channel organization and make sure it includes at least one direct and at least one indirect channel

2. For the indirect channels explain in detail the types of channel partners and their roles.

3. Explain which basic promotion mix strategies will be adopted. Strategies must include either push, pull, or a combination of the two. (Mine are a combo of the two)

4. In detail, describe which promotional tools will be adopted and why. Tools must include advertising and at least one other.

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