The process of marketing yourself professionally has many similarities to marketing plans designed to promote any product or service learned in the course. For students of all majors, think about a career that you would like to pursue and build a marketing plan for yourself. You are the most important asset you have- now it is time to think about how you are going to plan and execute your own marketing strategy. The plan needs to be a minimum of two pages, but not more than four pages in length- feel free to create or add diagrams, images, logos. Please refer to Appendix C (p.580) in the textbook for reference on how to develop your own personal marketing strategy. Make sure that you answer all the questions that are outlined below: 1. What are your objectives? Do you need to find a job this month, this summer, or are you flexible? Are there specific job activities you would like to perform? Being specific in your preferred job activities will help your future employers. Are you looking for a part time experience to enhance your resume, a career steppingstone, or a full-time, long-term career choice? 2. Develop your SWOT analysis. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Make an honest selfassessment because these issues often come up during job interviews. What about opportunities and threats in the marketplace? Who are your competitors? What is your competitive advantage? List your special skills, international travels, technology skills, team projects, and any other attributes you think add to your value. 3. Develop your STP (Segmentation, Target, and Positioning). What is your segmentation? Are you looking for only jobs with corporate organizations with big, established names? Or are you looking for small entrepreneurial firms? What is your target market? Are you looking at companies in particular industries? Do you have any other specific preferences? Compile a list of firms that meet your requirements and describe them. (The more you know about your targetmarket aka potential employer the more prepared you will be for an interview) Develop your own personal positioning statement. 4. Develop your 4 Ps. Clearly define your product- what skills you have to offer? How you are differentiated than the other candidates. How will you promote yourself? Will you reach out to current employees? Think carefully about your price. There are many pricing issues that may arise during a job search. Will you be willing to accept an unpaid internship, work hourly, can you work off commission, bonuses, overtime, and or other benefits you may require. What is a normal price for this position in a company of that size in the industry? Do your research now before its too late. What is your place? Will you work in the office, can you work remote, or will you be willing to relocate? 5. How will you implement your marketing plan? What are the steps you are taking next to put this plan into action? I want to see real evidence of execution.
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