:Directions: Find a university commencement speech from the last five years (the more recent the better. Watch and listen to the speech and take notes. Then type answers to the following questions and submitted by 11 pm on September 1.

1. Identify the specific university, date, and name of the speaker
2. Aspects of Content
Describe the introduction of the speech
What was used for an attention-getter?
Did the speaker offer any type of thesis or preview which provided an outline of what would be covered in the speech? Explain.
What were the main points?
Did the speaker provide support for his/her main points?
(examples, stories, statistics, images, etc.)
Did the speaker cite any sources? (“According to…)
Comment on the speaker’s word choice (was there jargon, was it descriptive and fun to listen to, was it easy to understand, etc.)? Provide specific examples.
Did the speaker provide a summary at the end?
How did he/she/they conclude? Was the
conclusion effective? Why or why not?

.3. Aspects of Delivery:
Did the speaker rush or go too slow?
Was the speaker clear and understandable?
How about volume?
Did the speaker vary his/her/their voice?
Provide examples of gestures used by the speaker. Were they effective?
What was the quality of the speaker’s eye contact?
What kind of emotion do you think the speaker was trying to convey?
What were some of the facial expressions?
4. Overall Effectiveness:
On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 representing perfect) – what score would you give this speaker’s content?
What score would you give this speaker’s delivery?
Would you attend a presentation by this speaker if you had a chance? Why or why not?
Would you hire this speaker to come to your college graduation? (They get paid thousands of dollars)

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