AR Stars (ARS) is a tech start-up founded by a former Googler from Egypt.

ARS focused on Augmented Reality and Reality Gaming applications for smartphones utilizing GPS and camera technology .

Incorporated in the US, but the founder moved operations to Egypt and he relocated there after a democratically elected government was formed.

After some early successes the company faced cash flow issues in late 2014. ARS founder moved back to the US to seek a partner for investment and operational support. ARS operations continued in Cairo.

I2 Tech had experience and operations in SE Asia which is one of the largest smartphone markets and has large young professional population and the founders knew AR Stars founder.I2 Tech began funding AR Stars in late 2014 and visits to Indonesia in early 2015 showed promising opportunities .

I2 Tech had invested over $250k by February.

ARS founder and I2 Tech founders met to decide how to proceed.


Considering the DM process steps, where would you see Sensemaking playing a major role and describe the role of sensemaking in those steps.

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