Imprimax is a family business, specializing in commercial printing that has been operating for more than 45 years. The founder’s son, who now heads the company, has maintained the authoritative management style introduced by his predecessor. Imprimax has experienced strong growth thanks to the acquisition of major contracts and the introduction of new technologies. In addition, its workforce has increased from 300 to 500 employees. The company’s management team is composed of managers who came up through the ranks of the organization and are experienced in printing techniques.

Like all the businesses in its region, Imprimax is facing both internal and external challenges. Over the past year, its staff turnover doubled and many employees retired. The problem was exacerbated by the current lack of experienced workers available on the labour market. As part of its succession plan, the company launched a massive recruitment campaign among students from trade and technical schools and universities. The generation clash between the two groups of employees is already being felt. Although the young recruits are more technologically advanced, the older employees are the ones with the specific know-how and experience. Networking between the different generations seems to be problematic, and the retention rate among the younger generation is low. In fact, a number of them quit after only several months with the company. Knowledge transfer and employee retention are key success factors for Imprimax’s survival.


As a trainee hired by the plant’s HR manager, you are asked to analyze the situation and make recommendations to reduce the turnover by retaining young new hires and promoting an intergenerational synergy. With this in mind,

1. Identify five probable causes as to why young new hires are leaving the company.

2. What could be developed as this employer’s brand to make it realistic and attractive to candidates?

3. Develop solutions to the recruitment issues facing this firm.

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