Javier just looks at you. You ask, “If you are at the contingent selection stage, have you ordered the drug tests or other final exams for your top candidates? Are we at the offer-making point?”
“No! That’s what you’re for,” Javier says, thumping his feet off the desk onto the floor and grabbing two handfuls of papers. He leans over the desk to wave them in your face. “I took the applications, reviewed them, and put them into piles: yes and no. Here are the yes ones. Now find me the right person! You have a good assistant manager working for you, now find a good one for the Trucking Department.”
What might you do first to choose the best candidate? (select all that apply)

a) Send the candidates in to an assessment center

b) Have the candidates come in for an unstructured interview

c) Send the candidates in for drug testing

d) Have the candidates take job-specific integrity tests

You’re in a conference room with Javier and Jim, an assistant director who reports to you. The other three people in the room, including your friend Emily, report to Jim.
Javier ends the meeting by saying, “So that’s just the way we do things around here.” One of your employees asks, “Could you tell me a bit of detail about our projection goals?” Javier responds, “No, you all know enough—you do your jobs and let me work out the details. This meeting is over. Turn to your neighbor and give our secret GIMME handshake.” People jostle, rolling their eyes, and perform a middle-school-type crazy handshake.
In what ways do you see the organizational culture of Leland Enterprises transmitted? (select all that apply)

a) Socialization

b) Language

c) Rituals

d) Symbols

e) Ethics

f) Innovation

g) Stories

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