Explain airasia corporate and business strategies

Based on the environmental studies demonstrated in the case, what was the most significant factors for Airasia business success.

How Airasia use technology as a competitive advantage.

Provide a comprehensive profile about the Company

What type of Operations strategy does Airasia currently have, explain what are the key elements of the operations strategy and would you advise them to change and provide reasons. If not why not.

Explain the differences and processes of the Airasia’s manufacturing / Product

operation and service operations.

Based on the sales within the Airasia, develop a moving-average forecast for next month, using these techniques:

  1. 3-month moving average.
  2. Weighted 4-month moving average with the most recent month weighted 4, the preceding month 3, then 2, and the oldest month weighted 1.

What type of Forecasting will best fit this Company and why

  1. What is the labour productivity per labour-hour for any Unit within the Airasia?
  2. What is the multi-factor productivity for this Unit?
  3. What is the percent change in multi-factor productivity if the Airasia can reduce the operational expenditure with 30%?
  1. What is the partial Productivity for any Unit?
  1. What is the Total Productivity measure for a Unit?

Using this Airasia and explain how the four perspective of operations strategy would apply.

Construct an activity map within the Operations of the Airasia. In this map, show clearly the company key success factors in respect of their performance goals set.

What generic operations strategy (cost leadership, differentiation, response) does the Airasia currently employed and do you think this is in line with the Company strategic Objectives also include what are the sources of competitive advantage in their operations.

If you were to be the Company next Operations Strategy Director, what other new ideas will you implement to grow the Company customer base.

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