Effective Communication Write a 150 to 200-word response to the following scenario and questions:

Your class requires you to use a program that you must download on your computer. You have waited until day 5 of the week to download the program, and you need it for an assignment that is due in 2 days. Now you are having issues with the program. How do you approach solving this problem? Who would you contact first, and why? What are the resources available to support you when obstacles arise, and why is effective communication important in linking you to these resources?

College Writing Process
Write a 150-to 200-word response to the following questions:
When you have an essay due in an upcoming course, how will you manage your time to ensure you are able to complete all 5 steps of the writing process (prewriting, organization, drafting, revising, and editing)
How can you apply what you have learned about the college writing process to enhance the effectiveness of your written communication in the workplace?
Academic Integrity
Access the Center for Writing Excellence.
Review the following resources under the Academic Integrity heading:
• Plagiarism Tutorial
• Student Code of Academic Integrity
APA Style: Plagiarism Guide
Write a 150-to 200-word response to the following questions:
What are 2 examples of violations of the Student Code of Academic Integrity?
What resources on plagiarism available to you as a student would be most useful in preventing each of these 2 examples of violations?
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