Tina graduated from New York University with an undergraduate business degree in finance. During her last semester, she was excited to receive multiple offers from five different banks for the associate’s position. Ultimately she decided to work for Morgan Stanley. However, her excitement soon faded once she started working for the bank. She was inundated with tasks at her job. In addition, her work colleague seemed to be overly competitive, and there was no time even for eating lunch! Within one month into the job, Tina lost five pounds and was under a lot of stress. She felt tired all the time and had to drink at least three cups of coffee to focus on her work. She is also worried about the long-term consequences of this kind of lifestyle on her health and wellbeing. You are Tina’s mentor. She has approached you to help her with tips and strategies to manage her stress. She needs advice on managing her time, developing a good working relationship with her competitive colleagues, and managing her anticipatory stress. What advice do you have for Tina?
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