Please Answer the following questions:

1. The organizational chart for a holding company and a worldwide holding company will look the same.



2. You are a manager of a company that uses BCG Matrix for portfolio management that resulted from unrelated diversification. Which one of the following you should keep in the portfolio if you want to maximize your short-term outcomes?



Cash cows

Question marks

3. Which type of a boundaryless organization requires forming alliances with multiple external partners?

modular organization

matrix organization

barrier-free organization

virtual organization


Entering a new business through investment in new facilities is called _______.

internal development

an aquisition

a joint venture

a merger


When leaders deal with barriers to change, they can contribute to advancing the goals of the organization and making progress towards them by building ________ and ________.

a learning organization; an efficient organization

an efficient organization; a following organization

a following organization; an ethical organization

a learning organization; an ethical organization

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