Guidelines for business concept paper. It about a business plan..

proposed customers? What is the estimated market size? •How large is the market? Assessment of the Market 8 •What are these proposed customers currently buying or using to address the problem? •At price will the product sell to appeal to the market? The Competitive Environment 9 •Who are your direct and indirect competitors, i.e. firms offering similar or substitute products/services? •What is your competitive advantage and how ill sustain it? The Competitive Environment 10 •How easy will it be for others to enter the market and provide the same product or service? Loading… Business Model Canvas 11 •Describe your business model. How do you imagine your business operating to create and deliver value to customers? •Give highlights of how your business will be organized to make it effective and efficient in delivering customer value. Business Strategy 12 •Briefly describe the strategies your business will employ, e.g. •Production strategy •Marketing strategy – including pricing, promotion, and distribution. Business Strategy 13 •How ill you deploy your resources, especially human resources to achieve the business goals? Finances 14 •Give an idea of the main costs involved in starting this business; minimum amount of resources need at start-up. Finances 15 •Describe your income and expenditure flows: •What ill be your major sources of income? •What will be your major expenses •How long do you think it will take for this business to start making profit? 1. As part of the work, prepare a poster presentation that captures the key aspect of the entrepreneur, about his/her business, family, what drives him/her (Poster presentation should be creative and attractive)

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