Each student is expected to prepare a public policy story.
Events that bring about public policy stories may be related to
policy decisions and outcomes. A story may be directed towards
particular outcomes. A chronology of public
policy story or event may include: ideas, traditions, dialogue,
encounter, interaction of different opinions and
When you write your public policy story,
endeavor to indicate the importance of the story in the formation
of public policies. You may tell a story from your own policy
experience or from research sources. However, you must tell the
story in your own words. Your pubic policy stories must not be more
than 10 pages and double-spaced.

Students are to choose a contemporary public policy of interest,
focus on a narrow aspect of the policy, and develop a well-written
paper. The paper should discuss recent changes in the policy,
identify the arguments and rationale for the changes, and discuss
the interests promoting the policy change.

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