Please Answer the following questions:

1. Which of the following statements about ethics is false?

Ethics assists individuals in deciding when an act is moral or immoral.

Business ethics is the application of ethical standards to commercial enterprises.

Ethics can be assessed by the legality of an action.

Ethics may be defined as a system of right and wrong.


Which one of the international strategies involves both centralized and decentralized value chain activities?

Global strategy

International strategy

Multidomestic strategy

Transnational strategy


Which of the following is not a governance mechanism that is used to resolve the agency problem?

Shareholder rewards and incentives

Managerial rewards and incentives

The board of directors

Shareholder activism


_____________________ is a when a third-party legal entity is created, while ____________ does not require a third-party entity creation.

strategic alliances; joint ventures

joint ventures; strategic alliances

licensing agreements; joint ventures

franchising agreements; strategic alliances


A company shares manufacturing operations across its businesses. It also has a corporate research and development facility and staff departments that support all the operating divisions of the company. This is an example of creating value by using

related diversification to acquire parenting, restructuring, and financial synergies through corporate restructuring and parenting.

related diversification to acquire economies of scope by sharing.

related diversification to acquire market value by leveraging core competencies.

unrelated diversification to acquire financial synergies through portfolio management.

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