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  1. Introduction of the Webinar

In 2012, Harvard Business Review declared data science “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” and categorized data scientists as professionals of scientific background with combined computational and analytical skills. They were expensive to hire and difficult to retain due to the competitive markets. Organizations, including LinkedIn, started to realize the value of data and the importance of harvesting and using them in policy and decision making. Thus, making data scientists became more sought after and lucrative positions.

Moving forward to 2020, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) projected that Malaysia needs 20,000 data professionals, and 12,000 of them are needed between 2020 – 2022 to spur Malaysia’s data-driven economy. Data Science is also ranked as number 1 in the top emerging in-demand skills in Malaysia. However, at this moment, Malaysia has an all-time high shortage of data science professionals, which may affect the growth of data-oriented businesses.

Due to this, the proposed webinar is to promote awareness of the importance of data science to SEGi students and the public. Tentatively entitled “Why Data Science Is A Sexy Career?”, the 1-hour webinar will try to explore data science, including the components of data science, requirements as a data scientist and its prospects.

  1. Objectives

The proposed webinar’s main objective is to create awareness among audiences on the issue of data science and its prospects.

Audiences will also be exposed to:

  1. the general idea of data science and its sub-domain

  2. the scope of data scientist

  3. requirements of becoming a data scientist

  4. Prospects in the next 10-20 years.

  1. Event Description

Event Planning & Approval

The first meeting to plan on event was held on 4th October 2021, each member of the group introduced themselves such as name, which program they are taking in SEGi, current semester and year. So, it will be easy for the members to cooperate well in the future. Firstly, assigning of team members to the position required for the organize an event was done. Project Manager and Secretary were assigned first, then the other three positions were created upon discussion among the members. Secondly, the project’s title was finalized as Why Data Science Is A Sexy Career. The committee member managed to get help from Mr. Mohd Riduzan Ahmad from Faculty of Engineering, Build Environment and Information Technology (FOEBEIT), SEGi University to be the speaker of the webinar. After receiving the confirmation from the speaker and his available schedule, the committee had started to prepare the event proposal and submitted it to Ms. Norizan the advisor for the event on 25th October 2021 for approval. Next, the proposal has been approved by the programme leader, Dr. Alina on 8th November 2021, and from Student Affairs on 17th November 2021. After that, the committee members moved on to the marketing phase.


The event was planned to be promoted via online platforms as the committee members could not promote the event physically due to the Covid-19 situation. The marketing manager performed promotion through email and with the help from Ms Norizan and admin of FOEBEIT to distribute the event information to all SEGi groups ,Telegram groups and Segi Blackboard.The committee member started promoting the event officially on 22nd November 2021 to 29th November 2021, which was about a week the promotion activity of the event was done

Participant Registration

The webinar was free of charge and it was open to SEGi IT students . Students who are interested in participating in the webinar were required to fill up and submit the Google form provided. Registration period was one week which was from 22nd November 2021 to 29th November 2021.Participants were required to provide their full name, student ID, email, programme enrolled in SEGi university, faculty, and intake for registration purpose. The participant was provided with the contact details of committee members involved in the participant registration management in order for the participant to directly contact the person in charge for any enquiries about the event. The Microsoft Teams link for the webinar was distributed to the participants through email. Moreover, the marketing manager ensured that all participants had received the teams link before the event and ensured that there were no issues in joining the meeting.

Event Day

On the day of the event, a meeting was conducted a few hours before the event with the committee members in order to discuss the final preparations,tasks of every committee member during the event and to perform testing on teams functionality . The committee members wanted to make sure that there were no issues for participants to join in the meeting via the Microsoft Teams link that had been shared and also the recording,chat, screen sharing. audio and video are functioning as required .The secretary helped the participants who faced difficulties in accessing the link while the marketing manager was checking on the attendance list. The event started at 4.15pm sharp with a welcoming speech by the event coordinator, followed by an introduction speech by the project manager and then the speaker started introducing himself and started to give his speech about Why Data Science Is A Sexy Career. The speaker ended his speech at 5.20pm. There was a Q&A session between the speaker and participants.There were two participants who had raised their question. Once the session ended, the host gave a closing speech ,thanked the speaker, event advisor and the participant. The meeting ended at 5.31pm.

Post Event

The secretary sent an appreciation email to the speaker. The event video recording and attendance was downloaded and compiled. Next the committee members discussed and delegated the tasks on completing the reports and event video. The committee members were happy as the event was conducted successfully without any major issues.

3.0 Event’s Details

3.2 Tentative Agenda

4.0 Panel’s Background


Certified Salesforce Administrator, CTFL, Certified ISMS Auditor, Professional Technologist MBOT

Mr Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad is the Senior Lecturer of Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering, Build Environment and IT (FoEBEIT), SEGi University Kota Damansara. Joining the academic world in 2003, Mr. Mohd Ridzuan had served in three (3) universities before SEGi University, which allowed him to work and learn from the best in the academic world. He specialized in the Software Engineering domain, especially requirement study, design and implementation and software testing.

Q&A session

After the Q&A session, the webinar came to an end. The MC of the seminar gave a speech of gratitude and invited the event advisor Ms. Norizan Binti Johari to give a short speech. At the end of the event, a screenshot of the event committee member with the advisor and speaker was takenb

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