Dr. Talal is a medical practitioner from Nizwa. He wants to sell his clinic to Mr. Sulaiman. Dr. Talal told Mr. Sulaiman that his clinic has a monthly income of OMR 15000, and he has a sufficient number of patients. This was true when Dr. Talal informed to Mr. Sulaiman. The negotiations lasted for six months, and then the contract had executed. During this time, Dr. Talal became sick and could not attend to his patients. His absence in the clinic due to his sickness has created a huge loss in the number of patients to the clinic and considerably affected its revenue. Dr Talal didn’t reveal this fact to Mr Sulaiman, and he faced problems in his business. Mr. Sulaiman approached Dr Talal for the cancellation of the contract and repayment of the contractual amount. Dr. Talal refused to pay the money and justified his circumstances.

1. What are the key problems/issues in this case?
2. Identify the relevant law/rules applicable to this case.
3. Analyze and discuss the case with applicable law.
4. If you are a legal advisor of Mr Sulaiman, what will be your significant arguments? [Marks 4]

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