• Imagine that are the Marketing Manager for a chain of hairdressing salons and you learn about the following situation in one of your salons:
    • A client turned up 30 minutes late for their one-hour appointment. They explained that they were late for reasons beyond their control (they were delayed by road works), and therefore insisted on receiving their haircut as soon as they arrived.
    • However, it’s early in the day and the 30-minute delay would have meant keeping every other customer waiting for 30 minutes in order to accommodate the late arrival.
    • To try and avoid this, the customer’s “usual” hairdresser suggested that the customer allow the salon’s trainee hairdresser to cut their hair. However, the customer refused. The customer also argued that they had tried to call the salon to advise that they were running late, but their call kept going through to the salon’s voicemail/answering machine.

Referring specifically to the sections “Services Marketing differs from Product marketing” and “Evaluating service quality using well established Marketing metrics” from your prescribed textbook, what are the most important Services Marketing concepts impacting upon this situation?

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