Choose the type of organization for which you are designing the package. 1. Develop Market based employee compensation and benefits package for different levels of employees. Support your ideas for the compensation benefits package 2. Develop compensation and benefit plan of the organization. Analyze the why the plan is essential. Briefly explain your ideas 3. Analyze the differences between the compensation policy and compensation plan. 4. Analyze the effects of labour market and government role in deciding compensation 5. Evaluate the effects and actions in managing compensation during Covid 19 pandemic situation Sources of information A. Students may refer the following text books • Global Compensation, Foundations and perspectives, Edited by Luis R. Gomez-Mejia and Steve Werner • Human Resource Management, Linking Strategy to Practice, GREG L. STEWART • KENNETH G. BROWN John Wiley • Raymond J. Stone (2010) Human Resource Management, John Wiley &sons Australia, Ltd • Human Resource Management By R. Wayne Mondy, 11th edition, Pearson publication 2008 • Paying for Performance A Guide to Compensation Management Second Edition • Peter T. Chingos, Editor and Consultants from Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Inc.
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