Employees could work more freely, regardless of grade, and choose when their shifts started and ended. The idea appeared difficult to understand at first, but ultimately it reduced to trust. This marked the commencement of the work schedule at BAE Systems (SBW). A large percentage of Glasgow’s industrial workers may take time off if they meet their weekly goals. If all the work is done by Thursday for the week, Friday is really free. On the other hand, Westcott emphasised the importance of accomplishing goals and maintaining high standards of quality. On the other hand, the workers were anxious to do their best to achieve it, since both the new arrangement and the job were appreciated. The most difficult element of the initiative was that the workers and powerful labour unions were persuaded to support it. Therefore, all parties concerned, in especially the two labour unions, NMB and Unite, considered that something had to be done to ensure the long-term survival of the business. Instead of hours, days are utilised. Despite the prestige of the business in the globe, BAE Systems Naval Ships Head of Employee Relations at their facilities in Glasgow on the Clyde River remains mainly consistent. Employees are expected to work for specified hours and to be compensated beyond those hours for any hours done. BAE Systems took on a completely new approach in the face of genuine affordability problems, capitalising on the skills, experience, and discretion of its employees. Almost half of the workers of the manufacturing division turned into “intelligent working” four years and a half after this disclosure because of the efforts of the HR staff, who spent countless hours on their behalf. Employees were empowered and trusted to choose their own working hours and take time off if the week before they came to work was finished. The organisation has thus decided to keep open channels of communication throughout the whole process, with teams given a day to learn more about the SBW idea before it is applied in each area. BAE Systems has made considerable progress with the introduction of SBW. According to Westcott, it was a groundbreaking idea that had now become a permanent reality when the pilot was launched and found that they had accomplished their goal and could come back on Thursday afternoon. Employees quickly responded to improvement suggestions such as rotating staff who need to remain late to complete a task, suggested changes to processes and requested additional tools and training to assist them stay on time. Although the programme has taken many years and a considerable amount of money to implement, there has been a fundamental culture shift which has led to a greater responsibility for production, ownership of work, and trust. BAE Systems sees the project as the only major accomplishment in the company’s history. It not only changed the function of human resources in the organisation but also enabled the organisation to realise that HR could not accomplish if it had just concentrated on conventional HR problems.
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