Choose a specific community, organization or type of organization you are familiar within your life, such as your employer, school, or faith-based or other nongovernmental organization that you may serve as a volunteer.
Describe various pitfalls that might be encountered in its disaster preparedness plans or planning processes.

. Does your organization conduct drills and training? For what particular kinds of disaster, crisis, or critical incidents? Have you found the dills or training useful?
. Are the drills always scheduled and announced in advance, or are there “surprises”, no-norice drills and exercises?
. Are there “injects” of new information or changes in the original scenario to challenge the participants?
. Are there types of incidents for which there are currently no drills or training, but you think should be done?
. After drills ot training, are after-action or lessons learned reports prepared, or meetings held to evaluate the results and develop action or improvement plans?
.What improvements would you recommend?

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