You are responsible for managing the supply chain of a reasonable sized garment company producing both knit and woven products.

You produce a wide variety of products ranging from T-shirt to sweater, Jackets etc.
The product is produced and packaged at a single plant in Gazipur, BD.

Raw materials come from all over the world (main sources include India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia and China)

Raw materials are usually transported by ship to Chittagong and then by Truck to your plant

Packaging suppliers are local and transportation is by road

You distribute your product in the Europe. All distribution takes place by water and then followed by local distribution center. France

You have one distribution centre in the UK and one in

Your main customers are two large UK based retailers and one operating across Europe

1.Identify at least 5 risks (one from each category) from the given situation. Required to answer. Multi-Line Text.

2.After assessing those risks, suggest at least one action point for each of the risks that you’ve initially identified. Required to answer. Multi-Line Text.

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