Read Given scenario and answer the asked requirement

Choose local Textile company in Pakistani market that has become a little old-fashioned and behind the times. Their plan is to adopt a more modern image, whilst maintaining their strengths of being local and caring about their customers.

a) Your task is to determine what instant change they should work on in terms of their marketing mix to change their image, develop list of promotional activities /campaigns which best describe change they would like to make. (Marks: 5)

b) You are required to design communication strategy. To do so answer following questions. (Marks: 8)

Select Communication Objective and justify your answer.

Build awareness, b) build brand attitude or c) influence brand purchase intention

Designing Message strategy:

Select type of reward you will be using in communication message a) rational, b) sensory, c) social or ego, d) ego satisfaction etc.

Select type of appeal used in advertisement and justify your answer.

e.g. emotional, rational, fear, humor, excitement, romance, timeliness etc.

What type of communication channel will be used?

Personal- phone, email, mail, personal selling, word of mouth,

Non personal- TV, radio advertisement, outdoor and in store advertisement.

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