For this assignment, follow along with the scenario below. This scenario requires you to put yourself into a new management position. Think of this as a summative case that puts you in the role of manager and you need to take what you have learned in this course and apply it to your role in this scenario.

You have recently been hired into a management role at Cooper Corporation, a call center hotline firm for many regional banks and financial institutions. Cooper is located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and is open 12 hours a day due to time zone differences across the country.

Employees are hired as Customer Service Representatives and their role is to answer phone calls and help customers resolve their banking and financial ssues. The Customer Service Reps are monitored to handle customer issues within a 5-minute period of time. All employees and managers are currently working within Cooper’s call center building in Glen Ellyn, Illinois – there are no employees working remote at this time.

Your new role includes you directly managing 25 employee span of control, and you are one of four Customer Service Managers for the company. The four of you report to Megan Cooper, Director and General Manager of the company.

You come to work the first day of this new position and are given a tour.

You are then introduced to your 25 employees and other managers before being taken to your office.

Your office looks out over the cubes each of your Customer Service Rep works from as they perform their jobs daily working 8-hour staggered shifts Monday through Friday.

As you sit at your desk overlooking these 25 employees, you say to yourself, “I’m excited to be in this job, but now what do I do?”

You decide you need to begin making decisions on how you will begin your work in this new role and you begin making notes on a piece of paper.

For this assignment, you need to formalize those notes you wrote down into three sections as you formalize your Managerial Plan:

  • Managerial Plan
    • What are your goals and action items to achieve those goals? Target 3 goals with 2 action items for each of those goals. If you have more than these numbers, that is okay too.
  • Information Needs
    • What do you wish you knew? How will you find this out? This needs to be a list of more than just one item.
  • Action Item #1
    • What is the very first action you will take from those items on your plan? Why is this your first action item? Support this decision with reasoning as to why it is the most important item to begin with today.
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