Shara was given a maximization LP to solve by using the simplex method. Her optimal tableau is shown below. Z X1 X2 Basic Row Variable No. Z X1 1 S2 2 X2 3 WNO OOON 0 1 0 0 Oolo Coefficient of Si S2 0 0 1 0 3 1 -3/2 0 S3 1 0 -1 1/2 Right Side 18 4 6 3 1 (i) (ii) (111) Write down Shara’s optimal solution. [2] Shara’s friend Xhara says that the LP has multiple optimal solutions. How does Xhara know this? [3] Khara, a friend of both Shara and Xhara, overhears the conversation and is interested in seeing another optimal solution. Use Shara’s optimal tableau to produce another optimal solution for Khara. [5] Phara, a friend of Shara, Xhara and Khara, is curious about what the objective function for the LP could be. Determine the objective function for Phara.
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