You own your own marketing research firm and have been hired to conduct a study for a major league sports team related to merchandising. The sports team’s owners want to know what kind of merchandise loyal fans are interested in purchasing and price ranges they would be willing to spend. The sports team’s owners also want to discover if age, gender, and ethnic background have any impact on fan merchandise purchasing decision making. Last, the sports team owners want to combine qualitative research with quantitative research methods.

  1. Write a problem statement related to the above task.
  2. Write three research objectives related to your problem statement.
  3. Choose one qualitative research method (technique) you will use? In several sentences, justify your rationale.
  4. Related to your quantitative questionnaire, what data collection method will you use? In several sentences, justify your rationale.
  5. What will be communicated to participants in your “Informed Consent to Participate” document?
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