Serving nearly 290 million consumers with excellence from 48 bottling plants and 324 distribution centers. Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V, is the world’s largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages, boasting more than two million points of sales in Latin America. To fulfill its goal for customer satisfaction, the company needed to transform its procurement function. Using one centralized digital platform to enable procurement best practices, CocaCola FEMSA consolidated localized purchasing capabilities and developed strategic and streamlined negotiating and buying processes. Now, the procurement team can ensure that managers, buyers, and internal customers all have the right information and technology to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
Digitalized procurement helps Coca-Cola FEMSA lead in beverage sales while generating social and economic value. With SAP®? Ariba®? solutions and the SAP Ariba services team, Coca-Cola FEMSA has achieved benefits such as:
• Consolidation of country- and facility-based procurement functions onto one centralized digitalized platform
• Fast and smooth integration with existing SAP solutions for a fluid and rapid implementation
• Streamlined negotiations and purchasing functions, freeing buyers for more-strategic tasks such as analyzing markets, suppliers, and options
• More reliable, flexible, and standardized procurement processes for internal customers
• Easier access to suppliers and related data
• Better data and insights for managers, resulting in better budget control and fewer cost overruns
• High adoption rate of 80% to 90% in less than one year
• Expected savings realized in three years versus the anticipated five years
“We expected to achieve cost savings in five years, but with the quick and flawless implementation of SAP Ariba solutions, we achieved them in three. It’s a win for everyone – our buyers, our managers, and our internal customers.” Jorge Martín Torres Pérez, Strategic Procurement Director, Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V.
Q: How many years Coca-Cola take for them to achieve their cost savings?
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