More than 270 million turkeys were raised in 2007 for consumption in the United States. To respond to consumer demand, the turkey industry is continually finding ways to produce turkeys at that gain weight faster and have wider breasts (yielding more white meat). The unnaturally rapid weight gains and unnatural anatomy cause a variety of disorders leading to premature death. Given the economic losses associated with premature death, the U.S. Department of Agriculture tracks the rate of death loss of young turkeys. Consider a time series of the annual average rate of death loss from1976 to 2007.26 DATADATA




 (a) Make a time series plot of the rate of death data. Describe the

time series behavior seen in the plot.

(b) Fit a linear trend model to the data series. Report your estimated


(c) On average, by how much is the rate of death loss increasing

from year to year?

(d) Estimate the rate of death loss for 2008.


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