With the inherent complexities of modern-day projects, the roles and responsibilities of a typical project manager are being redefined from traditional perceptions. Gone are the days when project managers were expected to deliver in defined contours. A successful project manager must possess many attributes that can directly or indirectly address the various needs of diverse stakeholders. Effective leadership qualities are more important today than ever before as project managers are being asked to maximize outputs with constrained budgets, limited skilled resources and reduced timelines. The traditional top-down style of leadership has undergone a metamorphosis; over time, more collaborative approaches have evolved. As a leader, a project manager is responsible for understanding the stakeholder matrix—and should have the capability to align their expectations with project requirements. The success of any project is primarily determined by a project manager’s command over stakeholder engagement. (Source: M.K .Ramesh, 2019)


As a project manager in a construction company, propose high performance leadership framework with example

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