Painting new auto bodies is a multistep process. There is an “electrocoat” that resists corrosion, a primer, a color coat, and a gloss coat. A quality study for one paint shop produced this breakdown of the primary problem type for those autos whose paint did not meet the manufacturer’s standards:

$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn  Problem$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn Percent

Electrocoat uneven—redon e$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn 4

Poor adherence of color to primer$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn   5

Lack of clarity in color$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn$1rn 2

“Orange peel” texture in color$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn   32

“Orange peel” texture in gloss$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn    1

Ripples in color coat$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn   28

Ripples in gloss coat$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn 4

Uneven color thickness$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn$1rn 19

Uneven gloss thickness$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn    5

Total$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn  100

Make a Pareto chart. Which stage of the painting process should we look at first?58


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