. It appears that the mathematics explanatory variables are strong predictors of GPA for computer science students. Run a multiple regression using HSM and SATM to predict GPA.

(a) Give the fitted regression equation.

(b) State the H0 and Ha tested by the ANOVA F statistic, and explain their meaning in plain language. Report the value of the

F statistic, its P-value, and your conclusion.

(c) Give 95% confidence intervals for the regression coefficients of HSM and SATM. Do either of these include the point 0?

(d) Report the t statistics and P-values for the tests of the regression coefficients for HSM and SATM. What conclusions do you

draw from these tests?

(e) What is the value of s, the estimate of σ?

(f) What percent of the variation in GPA is explained by HSM and SATM in your model?


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