. Repeat the previous exercise doing the prediction for 2020. Compare the results of this exercise with the previous one. Also explain why the predicted values are beginning to differ more substentiallyExercises 11.111 to 11.119 use the CSDATA data file. For this study, the computer science department of a large university was interested in understanding why a large proportion of their firstyear students failed to graduate as computer science majors. An examination of records from the registrar indicated that most of the attrition occurred during the first three semesters. Therefore, they decided to study all first-year students entering their program in a particular year and to follow their progress for the first

three semesters. The variables studied included the grade point average after three semesters and a collection of variables that were available when students entered their program. These included scores on standardized tests such as the SAT and high school grades in various subjects. The individuals who conducted the study were also interested in examining differences between men and women in this program. Therefore, sex was included as a variable. A total of 224 students were available for analysis.


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