Create a script (Buyer/Seller script) using next steps after Product Demonstration.

After product demonstration: Questions, *Objection, **Objection Handling and Trial Close.

Choose (3) three out of the following (5) five types of Objections pertinent to your product/sales process: (Indicate type of objection)

  1. Stalling – delays presentation or sale
  2. No Need – Sounds good but….
  3. Money – e.g. too high, I can’t afford it, discount
  4. Product – e.g. competition better, do not want to take risk
  5. Source – preference for another company

Then choose appropriate objection handling techniques to handle each Objection. Here are 3 main ones, there are others in the text.. (Indicate type of objection handling technique)

  1. Boomerang Method
  2. Compensation
  3. Feel, felt and found

Important: Try using (4) four step procedure when handling an objection: Acknowledge, Clarify, Meet Objection and Trial Close

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