• What is adaptability
  • Design training material for employees for adaptability

(it can include pwrpoint presentations, videos, business games, business competition, pre -test , post- test. Provide full training module

  • Explain how you implement the training.

(include time management plans and KPIs(not more than three days)

Implementation plan i.e id the training program going to take place inside the company’s prmises, are you going to ask employees to attend after work hours or weekend. You are going to say why and provide the suitable reason

  • How will you evaluate the training?

Evaluation is going to take place at the beginning of the training program ( pre training test) and after the training has been completed( post training test) it can take place within three months immediately after the training has ended to evaluate changes. You need to to include key performance indicators ( two indicators) one KPI is related to your training program and second KPI is related to did your training impact employees positively

i.e what you are planning to change, will achieve that change?

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