start a new venture in any industry you would like. The product can be fictitious but it needs to address a perceived need in the market

You are tasked with producing a Business plan that reflects the clarity of your planning,

Your plan should include the following sections:

– Business Description (including a mission statement and basic characteristics of the operation)

– Industry and Market Analysis (clear depiction of the industry and its size as well as an assessment of the competition and the overall business environment)

– Product and service description ( this will include a detail explanation of what the product or service does, pricing techniques, statement of differentiation)

– Marketing and promotional plan (how will you reach your consumer and why , who is your consumer, what is your communication plan )

– Operational Plan ( what does the business needs to operate? how will it procure its raw materials, how will production be handled, Will the product be distributed? How? )

– Financial plan ( What will it take to start the business, what recurring expenses will there be?. You should prepare a start up cost statement as well as a 12 month projected income statement.

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