Randa and Gen were best friends for years. Although just friends, both women considered the other to be “family” since their friendship had lasted for over thirty years. Not only did Randa and Gen love and appreciate each other, they loved to gamble and often made special trips to Vegas. They also often made their way to Mohegan Sun and played their favorite game, LET IT RIDE. One night, Randa had a feeling she would win big, but she had no money. Gen, always believing in Randa and her “hunches,” said, “Lets go, Ran, and I’ll cover you some money, and we’ll just split whatever you win.” Randa, feeling lucky, readily accepted. Randa had blown threw $200.00 in ten minutes, and was about to stop playing, but Gen encouraged her for one more hand and gave her another $20.00. Randa hit it BIG! FOUR OF A KIND! The payout was a solid $600,000.00. Gen was expecting to keep all the money for herself. Randa was expecting to split the winnings, even though the money they were playing with was Gen’s. Randa brings a suit based upon the verbal “contract” that they had made regarding the night. (a) Please discuss if there is in fact a valid contract that the court would enforce, and (b) who do you believe would win and why?

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