1. Which aspect best fits the systems thinking discipline?

Simulation and optimization

Abstraction and complexity

Product development and operation

2. A car rental company plans to double the number of customers within the next 5 years. Which BMM element must be used to describe that statement?





Communication and presentation

3. The Project Manager responsible for the “Pizza outlet remodeling project -Chicoutimi” is finalizing the breakdown of all the work required to complete the project successfully. In which Knowledge Area is the type of activity included?

Risk management

Integration management

Communication management

Scope management

4. Pizza Co. just assigned its VP Operation as the “owner” of the “Pizza Delivery process”. Which of the following statements should be part of the assigned responsibilities?

Discovery & modeling of the process.

Analysis of process potential problems/failures.

Deployment of corrective actions.

Performance of the process.

5. In an effort to reduce costs, a furniture retailer decides to close 17 retail stores. Which role does the organization unit “Retailer” play with respect to the strategy “Close 17 retail stores”?

It identifies the strategy

It acts as the owner of the strategy

It determines the strategy

6. In which way smaller organizations can use the APQC s Process Classification Framework (PCF)?

Objectively aid in comparing performance

Determine which processes need additional review

Measure performance and monitor variances

Identify the cause of any variation and compare it to the plan

It establishes the strategy

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