No, I do not believe that a negotiator who is in the process of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement can effectively use the distributive bargaining method and maintain ethical standards throughout the process.
Distributive bargaining can only be maintained using ethical standards if the bargaining process focuses on distributing resources. Resource distribution is the ultimate baseline that can only ensure ethical standards to distributive bargaining. Otherwise, it is quite impossible to maintain a win-win situation in distributive bargaining, which is the opposite is the ethical standards of bargaining and negotiation. Distributive bargaining constantly focuses on providing profit to a particular party that is involved in the bargaining, which completely goes against all the ethical considerations of ethical bargaining and ethical negotiation. Therefore, apart from the distribution of resources, one simply cannot maintain ethical standards by continuing distributive bargaining.
No, there is no special incentive for negotiators to remain ethical throughout the collective bargaining process. Ethical standard negotiation only sustains winning the negotiation in a win-win situation and the interests of both the parties are successfully met. It should be made in collective bargaining only if the bargaining process does not maintain the distributive bargaining. On the other side, distributive bargaining can only be ethical when there is the question of resource distribution. Apart from that, it’s a particular benefit for maintaining ethics.
Question:Why does negotiator tactic affect a large mass of bargaining unit who rely on others to make decisions
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