1. What is the name of your airline going to be?

The name of my Airline will be sensible Airline.

  1. List between 3 and 5 reasons why your airline is going to be successful.

The main reason for this market is as follows:

  1. Strategic planning to how to use available resources effectively and efficiently.
  2. Better human resources such as captain, air hostess, and other staff.
  3. Availability of sufficient finance at minimum cost.
  4. By providing better beverages and other facilities like comfortable seats achieve customers’ satisfaction goals.
  5. Come with better technology which attracts more people to use my Airline.
  1. What is your route structure going to be and why?

My airline route structure will be New York to London and London to New York because this route will generate the highest revenue.

  1. List the main reasons for this market.
  1. Aggressive market strategy includes effectively promoting airways and providing offers from time to time to attract more customers.
  2. Created name in the market which helps to compete with rival airlines.
  3. Do dynamic strategic planning to compete with their rival airlines.

Now consider above answers help me to answer below questions. Its Business Plan, help please

How many aircraft will you need and why?

Where will your main hub be located and why?

Who are your major competitors?

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