Scenario and directions: Below is an email from a student to her adviser. The purpose of the email is to request information and assistance regarding an enrollment issue for the next semester. Use the below email to answer the below question.

TO: Tgonzalez@

FROM: Jjohnson@

DATE: 10/14/19

SUBJ: Advising Flag Stopping Enrollment for Spring 2020 Semester

Hello Ms. Gonzalez,

I see on the enrollment site that I am unable to enroll in courses for spring due to an advising flag on my account.

You are my designated advisor in the College of Business Administration; I do not know what action I need to complete to remove the advising flag, so I am reaching out to you via email for further direction. Do I need to schedule an advising appointment with you?

My goal is to complete my enrollment for spring before Thanksgiving break, and I hope to hear from you before November 1st about the next steps I need to take.

Thank you,

Jane Johnson

Student of Business Administration

University of



The email above has an effective opening statement.

Group of answer choices

A. True

B. False

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