Q During Corona process, video conferencing applications have become a very important supporter for both sustaining our work & education; getting out of isolation and socializing. Among many other videoconference applications, Zoom has become one of the most popular applications in the Coronavirus process. Zoom is currently one of the most downloaded mobile apps in the world and has become the primary social platform for many people. Young people call communication with video conferencing as “zooming”; The Z generation has even started to be referred to as “zoomers”. Zoom shares have increased its value so much in the Coronavirus process that the company is now much more valuable than airlines such as Delta, American Airlines or United Airlines. In December 2019, the number Zoom users, which was 10 million, exceeded 200 million with an increase of more than 20 times. Counting both free and paying users, Zoom has 300 million daily meeting participants. That’s an increase of 2900% since December 31, 2019, when 10 million daily meeting participants logged on.

  1. Why has Zoom managed to become so popular? How did the company achieve such a high valuation? What are Zoom’s value proposition and core competencies?
  2. What are the weak links in Zoom’s model? Is Zoom’s business vulnerable since it is easy for others to imitate?
  3. What strategies should Zoom implement to expend in the Turkish market and continue its leadership?
  4. In order to support remote work and online education, which features should be added to Zoom?
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