Silverlake Digital Marketing is a new company that offers professional services to startup companies focusing on the food and beverage industry in Asia. They plan to hire employees who are highly skilled in social media marketing and management, brand creation, and graphic designing. The business plans to operate remotely considering the restrictions during pandemics and the opportunity to hire employees without the need for relocation.

Their current mission statement and objectives are the following:


To help out business owners make their product and service known by building their brand identity online.


To build a community of foreign business owners in different social media platforms and reach the first 100,000,000 followers for each platform in a span of 5 years.
To secure at least 150 clients during the 5 years of operation.
To create brand awareness and be known by startup companies during pandemics.


Based on the organizational chart that you have created and the information given above, develop a strategic plan, tactical plan and operational plan to achieve the second objective of the company.

Identify the first 7 job positions that will be needed by Silverlake Digital Marketing. Present those positions by designing an organizational chart for the company. (You may use other platforms such as Microsoft office to create the chart then copy and paste it here as an image.) Defend your decisions in designing the structure specially for departmentalization.

Suggest the best leadership style to be used in managing the subordinates working in Silverlake Digital Marketing.

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