Background Info: we are going to make a business plan for startup business of Electrical scooter with vespa’s Frenchies in FLORIDA USA. we are targeting youth over there like universities students or other middle-age population of Florida. here are some questions regarding developing a sale forecast for that business. want general Answer for that as a businessman’s point of view or sales forecast.

Developing A Sales Forecast For Vespa E-Scooter Business in Florida USA

Answer the question written bellow

1. Provide a summary of typical individuals, companies, and organizations that are likely prospects for your product/service offering as described in the market profile you prepared. Ask yourself such questions as: (i) How old would these customers be? (ii) Where do they live? (iii) What types of activities would they participate in? (iv) What primary benefits are they looking for in my product or service? Think of as many relevant questions as possible.

2. How many of the prospective customers you have described as good prospects are in your trading area?

3. Describe how you feel these prospective customers would go about deciding whether to purchase your product/service rather than a competitor’s offering. Would these potential customers be principally concerned with price, convenience, quality, or some other factor?

4. (a) How often would prospective buyers purchase your product or service? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Other? (b) Where would they look for it or expect to buy it? What kind of seasonal or other patterns are likely to influence sales? (c) How will holidays or other special events effect sales patterns within a month? A year?

5. How much (in dollars and/or units) would a typical customer purchase on each buying occasion?

6. How would your customers likely hear about your product/service offering? Through newspapers? TV or radio advertisements? Word of mouth? Salespeople? Intermediaries? Other?

7. From the above information, estimate your expected annual sales in terms of dollars and/or number of units by month for the first three years of operation of your business.

January February March April May June July August September October November December

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

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