Please clearly label each part (Issue, rule, analysis, and conclusion) in your submission.

  • Issue (5 pts) A full explanation of the facts of the case and the relevant law.
    • Facts – Who, what, when, and where of the case.
    • Relevant law – Why the plaintiff believes they were wronged.
  • Rule (5 pts) A description of the law that requires or prevents an action from being done.
  • Analysis (5 pts) Explain how the rule applies to the facts of the problem.
  • Conclusion (5 pts) The conclusion fairly resolves the dispute
Kyne was a “betting commissioner.” He accepted bets, held the stakes, issued receipts and charged other betters. If there weren’t enough off-setting betters, he would cover the bet with his own money. Three individuals made bets on election results and won $3,115.00. Kyne had covered these and other bets with $10,000 of his own money. Prior to paying the three betters, the sheriff took $7,702.87 of the $10,000 to pay a prior judgment against Kyne, previously recovered by Kyne’s son in a lawsuit to establish paternity and for support. Other betters were paid with the remaining amount. The three betters claimed their winnings from the $7,702.87 acquired by Kyne’s son. They admit that they can’t recover against Kyne because of illegality, but claim that Kyne’s son was not a party to the illegal act and therefore, cannot use the illegality defense against them. Who wins and why?

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