PUNCTUATION REVIEW Punctuate each of the following sentences. For a review of punctuation rules, see the Appendix. 1. Edward K Bowman our president has meetings in Virginia Pennsylvania and New Jersey 2. Bill the executive director joined the company in June of this year 3. The most effective manager Ms Engle is well organized 4. Yesterdays price report while representing only a single month gave no indication that inflation is a growing concern to the economic future of the nation 5. Of course we missed the train and were late for the meeting 6. Since fall is here we must reevaluate the project 7. Food prices after increasing 3.6 percent in January declined 2.4 percent last month which is further evidence that the effects of the drought may be less than originally feared by economists 8. The west coast office assistant I understand is the employee of the month 9. No the salary was not the issue 10. Her next interview is in Chicago Illinois on Friday April 17 at 10 AM 11. The presentation was a success and we received the contract 12. You will I think benefit from the Friday seminar 13. Several economists cautioned against expecting such price increases to continue said Ms Woo 14. Wendy who will be on a business trip the month of October is the new director 15. The bank was closed yesterday and I wante
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