Refer to the data set on movie revenue in Case 11.2 (page 591). In addition to the movie’s budget, opening-weekend revenue, and

opening-weekend theater count, the data set also includes a column named Sequel. Sequel is 1 if the corresponding movie is a

sequel, and Sequel is 0 if the movie is not a sequel. Assuming opening-weekend revenue (Opening) is in the model, there are

8 possible regression models. For example, one model just includes Opening, another model includes Opening and Theaters,

and another model includes Opening, Sequel, and Theaters. Run these 8 regressions and make a table giving the regression coefficients, the value of R2, and the value of s for each regression. (If an explanatory variable is not included in a particular regression, enter a value 0 for its coefficient in the table.) Mark coefficients that are statistically significant at the 5% level with an asterisk (_). Summarize your results and state which model you prefer.


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